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Muscular Treatment

Gowin is preparation oil, suitable for all sports in mild to warm weather conditions.
When applied, Gowin Warm Oil works deep within layers of soft tissue, stimulating not only the muscle itself but also the associated ligaments and tendons, minimising risk of injury and maximising elasticity.

The carefully selected ingredients help optimise blood circulation, local oxygen uptake, the transport of nutrients and the excretion of waste products within the muscles during activity.
Active Muscle Oil's active ingredients work continually during exercise, optimising muscular function, therefore minimising fatigue and the risk of injury.


  • Helps prevent muscular and aches and pains
  • Deeply working ingredients reduce injury risk
  • Optimises local oxygen uptake in the muscles
  • Improves muscular and connective tissue elasticity
  • Helps minimise muscular fatigue and cramp
  • Doesn't coagulate the pores
  • Stimulates blood circulation

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