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2Q was founded in 1996, by Pedro Martins ,with great courage and entrepreneurship. It result 15 years of successful expansion.
At 27, he set up his small business of selling chemicals along with two partners in Cascais.

After 10 years he has acquired the entire Group 2Q and created his first company affiliated international 2Q Spain ..

Since then, 2Q has relocated to a 1.500 square feet office/warehouse complex in Sintra, Portugal and expanded distribution throughout the Europe.

Today 2Q employs nearly 70 sales representatives and 30 internal employees to service more than 20,000 customers out of a distribution network that consists of 3 Oficces.

The Distribution Centers are strategically located in Sintra, Portugal, to guarantee the shortest delivery times to our customers, and with a 92% fill rate, all orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours.

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