• Easy and Very Fast Gasket

    the best pressurized rubber gasket link to more.

  • Motorcycle Chain Lube

    XJ3, a highly sticky lubricant link to more.

  • Clean the throttle body

    fuel-injection-system maintenance link to more.

  • Relax, ideal for use post exercise

    skin clean, odour free and moisturised link to more.

  • DUDUit, wash wihtout water

    Solution "Clean all" link to more.

  • Anti-Gravel, underbody coating

    based on synthetic resins and rubbers

  • ANTIGEL. Rose concentrated windscreen

    summer or winter version

  • Automotive Paint Products

    Approved worldwide by manufacturers

  • Exhaust Mounting Paste

    heat resistant paste link to more.

Each demand
needs a solution
our products
resolve it
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Engine and gear oils, oil and fuel additives, auto-care products, chemical problem solvers, service products and special lubricants, complete product lines for cars, motorbikes, boats, commercial vehicles - everything needed by the trade, workshop and industry - is available from a single source - 2Q. We are the full range.

We are constantly expanding our product range with new, innovative and promising items which we are offering to you alongside total marketing concepts.

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