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2Q is recognized as a Hi Tec in the manufacture and development of highly specialized products for industry and manutenance.

We have evolved from a distribuiter supplier to a global marketing network both domestically and internationally. As we continue to grow, our commitment to setting new standards for product performance and customer satisfaction, will remain a keystone to our mission.

1p   Hi Tec Culture
Technology dramatic increase in importance due to the market demands.
We use our extensive know-how to meet challenges in new areas and to integrate new technologies to achieve optimum quality standards.
Our R&D department is emphatic in applied the latest and innovate solutions the achive the best busness perfomance.
1p   Production
Our overall focus is productivity and quality improvement.
Manufacturing engineering and process planning, work measurement, cost estimating, ergonomics, plant layout and facilities planning, and many other areas.
1p   Formula Technologie
Is a full line manufacturer of all types of chemicals. Our product line includes car care, paint solutions, mechanic car and motorbike solutions of manutenaince, industrial cleaners, and aerosols.
We focus on making true industrial strength chemicals that are unique in the industry and out-perform standards ensuring success and repeat business.

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