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With 2Q you decide how much you earn. You create your own customers and you are your own boss and manage your time. It generates a huge and durable job with excellent profits.

How start?
in your leisure time?
Full-time ?
That's the opportunity for shining with 2Q.
It's your choice but nowadays you can shine with 2Q.
To be Distributor is suitable for your beginning in the work market, to come back to the work market or if you decide to start your own business offers you unique and limitless chances.
Even you have never sold a product; you will be able to make it easily with 2Q.
As we are a reference company in cleanliness products, we provide all of the conditions to become easy the sale and the success, quickly.
2Q is a proven way to give the success to any Distributor, independently of the sex, age, culture or life style.

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